Top 5 Study Hackers for the Nocturnal hours Before a Test

Top 5 Study Hackers for the Nocturnal hours Before a Test

The final opportunity students have to (more…)

vTime Enables Singles so as to reach Compatible Courting partners in Digital camera Realities

vTime Enables Singles so as to reach Compatible Courting partners in Digital camera Realities


India Holidays List – 2013

jan 14th – sankranthi
jan 26th – republic
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mar 29th – good friday
may 1st – may day
aug 9th – id ul fitr
aug 15th – independence day
sep 9 – ganesh festival
oct 2nd – mahatma gandhi jayanthi
oct 13th – vijaya dashami
dec 25th – christmas

USA Holidays List-2013

Jan 21st – MLK Day
Feb 18th – Presidents day
Mar 29th – Good Friday
May 27th – Memorial Day
July 4th – Independence day
Oct 14th – Columbus Day
Nov 28th – Thanks giving
Nov 29th – Day after
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thanks giving

Dec 25th – Christmas Day
Dec 31st – New Year's eve

Why Android Developers need a Business Model

Android developers are quick to jump on the Android Market’s failings, from an insufficient range of countries supporting paid apps

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to the weak communication and promotion options within the Market itself. Inevitably, somebody points to the iPhone App Store as being the apex of financial success for developers. After all, there’s that $1 billion check they “wrote” to app developers, right?
Unfortunately, the numbers tell a different story.

According to Tomi Ahonen’s meta-analysis of published iPhone sales statistics, the mean revenue per year for an paid iPhone app is $3,050, and the median revenue per year is $682. Here, “median” means that half of all paid iPhone apps will earn less than $682 per year. The difference illustrates the “long tail” model that most content markets exhibit, where a bunch of “hits” raise the mean.

I encourage you to read the entire post, so you can find the sources of the data. Unfortunately, the second half of the post devolves into chest-thumping for WAP (ignoring that many Android and iPhone apps simply can’t be done on WAP) and otherwise coming across like a 12-year-old (e.g., calling Hilton and Walgreens “idiots” for daring to write an iPhone app).

We do not have as good of figures for the Android Market to work from, AFAIK. We do know that there are far more free apps on Android than on iPhone, and there are fewer Android devices (particularly when you factor in the limited roster of paid-app countries). I do not get any sense that Android per-app prices are significantly higher than those for iPhone apps. Hence, the Android Market is probably generating lower results. Larva Labs thinks the Android Market is generating perhaps 2%

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of the revenue to developers of the App Store, and while I think that is a bit low, I’m sure the numbers are not pretty.

Even if tomorrow Google would be able to turn on support for all countries (paid apps in Vanuatu, anyone?), the best-case scenario in the near term would be for the Android Market to match the results of the iPhone App Store, which isn’t exactly a money machine for most people, based on the above-cited figures.

What does this mean?

It means that if you are trying to make money on mobile, you #$#@(#) better have a business model more sophisticated than “gee, I’ll upload an app to the App Store/Market, and the cash will come rolling in”.

Of course, you have some options, such as:

  • You can have many apps, hoping that some will significantly exceed the median, to make up for the others that don’t. For example, this gentleman is pulling in six figures across double-digit Android apps.
  • You can out-hustle the competition through marketing, which, sadly, many developers seem to ignore.
  • You can focus less on making money off of individual app sales to individual users, focusing instead on other business models, like the 49 I wrote up previously. Swype, for example, has struck enough OEM deals to get on a projected 50 handsets by the end of the year. I’ll be rather surprised if they did that for free.
  • You can write Android apps for reasons other than pulling in money, such as for public service or just to scratch an itch.
  • You can switch horses to try to find another land rush, like the early months of the iPhone App Store where just about everything made serious money. A land rush occurs maybe once a decade. So, for example, while there should be more opportunities for apps on Meego now that Nokia will be using it for more devices, the conditions are not there for a land rush result, barring some incredible sales figures for these new Nokia phones. The iPhone land rush came about because ~10 million phones were out there before you could sell apps, conditions that are unlikely to be repeated any time soon.
  • You can just upload and pray your app becomes a hit, which seems to be the default approach developers take.

What is unlikely to help you much is spending lots of time fretting about the Market limitations — it’s not like iPhone apps are pulling down big bucks on average, either. You need reasons to publish the apps that do not count upon any given app making tons of revenue.


Indian Techies vs. American Techies. Who is more productive?

Bangalore: You must have read and heard enough about the IT industry in India. And why not? After all, it is one of the Indian industries which portray the contribution of human capital to the world. To decipher the point right, we need to analyze the position of Indian IT sector when it comes to productivity. According to a number of studies conducted by experts who have been scrutinizing the growth of the industry since years, it has been revealed that American techies are 10 times more productive than their contemporaries in India.

After providing solutions to the tumultuous Y2K issue which had rippled the turbulence across the world, Indian IT industry gained recognition in the world. And what added more to its recognition was the skilled yet economical manpower it had. Among the top players in the IT services market,S is the biggest in terms of annual revenue but as far as each employee’s contribution towards revenue is taken into account, Wipro is the clear winner. Wipro’s per employee revenue stands at $51,000.In the same fiscal, the figure for TCS stood at close to $48,000 and Infosys’ per employee contribution was recorded at $43,000.This will no more sound impressive if one gets to know that an employee of the

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fortune 500 listed IT companies, contribute at least $100,000 to the company’s annual turnover. The IT professionals in India find this situation refutable. According to Sushma Chakkirala, Product Manager at Sun Microsystems, there are no remarkable differences between Indian and American techies as far as their professional capabilities are taken into account. When it comes to productivity, there is no clear difference in the performance. Sushma agrees that, the Indian IT industry has not portrayed innovation in real sense as of now but that does not mean that, the Indian techies lack in capability. For the lack of innovation by the industry, she points out the increasing attrition rate as the problem. While attrition seems to be the major issue for the every organization in the IT industry, many perceive that it occurs due to stringent organizational standards, which blocks the freedom for the Indian techies to try something new and innovative.According to the Vice President of a leading outsourcing and consulting company, “Indian techies are like the soldiers of an Army. They will work as per the organizational standards and contribute towards achieving the goals of the organization but once they are let free to handle a particular situation, they will deliver more than what is expected out of them.”On one hand where most of the experienced people in the industry stand by the productivity and creativity of the Indian techies claiming it to be better than their contemporaries in the U.S., there are few executives who hold a different opinion.“If we compare, American techies meet their deliverables on time compared to

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the Indian techies who work for longer hours but meet lesser targets. It has been seen that, Indian techies work more and build less. But the techies in India are also held back due to various reasons. As the industry is growing bigger each year, companies are trying a lot to bring down the inefficiencies,” says Nagendra Venkaswamy, President, Tejas Networks.Such an opinion might prick the sentiments of Indians who are quite optimistic about the technical skills and abilities of Indian techies but there are many research studies done by Vivek Wadhwa and his colleagues at the Duke University, which slams the conventional notion that there is a huge discrepancy between the quality of engineers and technology specialists in U.S. and India.Wadhwa, whose statistics attract a lot of criticism, conducted a research based on the quality of American, Indian and Chinese techies. From the research, he deciphered that, 87 percent of the U.S. workers are more productive and companies based in U.S. locations produce more qualitative techies. Clearing the air about the popularity of Indian techies all over the world, the adjunct professor from the Duke University strongly feels that, it is the diversification in the market and the cost factor, which pulls jobs for Indian techies to India. It would not be fair to doubt the education capabilities of Americans.

Blaming the weak technical education system in India, Wadhwa says that despite all odds

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Indian R&D centers are racing ahead. The call on improving education and research in Indian educational system is the need of the hour. The talent in the Indian IT industry is pretty huge and India gets most of its recognition because of the challenge posed by our IT services industry to the world but at the same time, there lies a fact that, this sector is yet to show some innovation which will change the face of technology. The debate on the worthiness of the techies in both the nations is yet to proved. As the time goes, we need to see who will emerge as a clear winner.


Staffing News: Vegas and the Staffing World Conference

college essay



The Staffing World Conference is getting set to kick off in Vegas and although I’m not much a fan

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of leaving home, I am a big believer in the American Staffing Association, its annual conference and its board.

The messages we bring to world – fluid labor markets, best practices in staffing, respect for job candidates – can do more for the betterment of humanity than any government program or charity. It is a big deal.

Already, Workway, Monster's Lisa Watson,People20, Monster Works and Matt Charney have joined in the fray of the #SW10 twitter stream with a discussion of hash tags.

No doubt, social media will again reign as theme #1 for this year’s conference. Just look atMark Tothour board of directors. Our chairman, Mark Toth, keeps arguably the most entertaining and educational blog on staffing and hr practices. You can follow Mark’s tweet stream. Kudo’s to his organization, Manpower (disclosure: many Manpower franchises are our clients), in taking such a leadership position for staffing in the social media space.

Myself I sent out the following message to my team who will be working with me at the TempWorks booth:

We’ll also be showing off our latest products, but if that isn’t of interest to you at

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hi. We’re giving away Ipads and other tchotchkes.


Temp Job Boom in the USA: Cyclical or Secular?

Every job

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report out there shows demand for temporary help booming in the USA.

But as for

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the cause, there is less agreement. Is it an uptick in the business cycle? Or is there something more to it, like a secular shift by employers away from hire full-time with all its incumbent benefits and legal responsibilities?


I see it more secular than cyclical. It’s not just the changing preferences of employers though. Sure they are running from commitments –

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the new healthcare legislation has made sure of that. But we’re also seeing a flight of jobs back to the USA from India and China. The HSBC China Manufacturing index fell precipitously this last summer, a reading confirmed by the China Federation of Logistics.

Those 100-mile traffic jams around Beijing, the red-shirts in Thailand, the rioters in Greece, the violence down in Mexico, the declining value of the dollar – all those things add up to a secular improvement for labor demand here in the states.

writing services online

This is the most favorable time in the industry since 2004. We’re seeing it at TempWorks: most of our clients are up 25% to 60% with some more than double. Texas and the DC area continue

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to lead the pack. Demand for online recruitment tools, time clocks, payroll services and funding has never been stronger.