Sales Strategy

Rapisource has a perfect strategy for providing the following to our customer

  • Sales
  • Order Processing
  • Support


Rapisource works with customer very closely when the sale happens in ITSAC. Rapisource has good experience in handling the sales. Here are the following steps for a smooth transaction of sales with the Customer:

1. Give complete details of candidate that may be useful for background check.

2. Offer to help with the customer for any background check or reference checks. Customer may require some more information for reference check after the sale happens.

3. Availability of Candidate: Once the customer finalizes the candidate, Rapisource   works with the customer to make sure the candidate is available and negotiates the start date with the candidate. There may be some urgency in the project so candidate may be   requested to join the project early. In such situations Rapisource makes the candidate available   for a particular start date.

Order Processing:

Rapisource works with customers for a smooth transaction on   signing the purchase order, Insurance requirements are other order related issues discussed below:

1. Rate negotiations with candidate

2. Purchase Order processing

3. Security check and Master Agreement

4. Addendums are communicated to candidate