Competitive Analysis

At Rapisource, we are different from other offshore development companies because:

  • We are focused on IT Staffing & core product development.We have successfully built core intellectual property for several customers in their journey from pre-funded startups to a profitable acquisition. We have the deep technological expertise, proven track record and unique methodology to build products successfully.
  • We work towards making great products
    we believe that successful dual shore product development requires teams at both ends to work towards the same goals and vision. This is possible only if the offshore team is dedicated full time to working on your product. We setup dedicated teams for each of our customers, and take pains to integrate these closely with their own.
  • We don’t believe in ISO & CMM certifications
    when it comes to innovation, no amount of process standardization can substitute for smartness. At Rapisource, we hire only the best. We restrict hiring to experienced graduates of the top 20 engineering schools in India. Most of our employees come to us from the top Indian IT companies as well as large multinationals having their captive centers here.
  • We don’t expect you to spend half your time writing long, detailed specs.We take pains to understand your business, not just your technology needs. As a result, our developers are able to understand your needs through brief communication. Typically, requirements come to us via simple “we need this feature” emails. We are equally at ease following any requirement and project management tool that you may use.
  • In the long run, we believe that you are best off owning your offshore team.Offshore success is most dependent on teams at both shores working towards the same end, and this is best done by owning your subsidiary. However, starting off on your own in an unknown business environment has its own risks. Also, you need a minimum threshold size for a subsidiary to make economic sense. With our Build-Operate-Transfer business model, we mitigate the risk of unknown business environment, help you learn best practices to ensure success till such time that you are ready to go on your own.